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Food Glossay - A helpful guide to your local dining







Asadero            Soft, braided mozzarella-like cheese
Cabrales           Mexican goat cheese
Chihuahua         Similar to muenster, used in the flameado
Cotijia               Aged cheese similar to parmesan
Queso anejo      Aged queso fresco with dry salty texture
Queso fresco     Crumbly, soft cheese with mild acidity

Peppers and Chilies

Ancho               Medium to hot dried ripe poblano
Chilaca             Medium to hot, thin, dark-skinned chile
Chili de arbol     Very hot, orange-red, dried chile
Chili piquin        Small, very hot dried or pickled orange-red chile
Chipotle            Smoked, fairly hot jalapeno
Guajillo             Hot to very hot deep maroon, dried chile
Pasilla              Hot to very hot dried chilaca or negro chile
Piquillo              Sweet, red Spanish pepper shaped like a small ancho
Poblano            Mild to hot, black-green pepper
Rajas                Strips of roasted or charred & peeled peppers
Serrano             Small, hot peppers similar to jalapeno

Sauces, Foods, Terms, Etc

Achiote             Red paste from Yucatan, achiote seed, oregano & allspice
Carnitas            Small chunks of browned pork
Ceviche             Citrus marinated fish or shellfish
Chilaquiles        Fried tortilla dish mixed with sauces & other ingredients
Chile Relleno     Stuffed chile peeled, battered or roasted
Chimichurri        Condiment made of cilantro, garlic, olive oil, peppers & spices
Chorizo saus.    Spanish smoked pork sausage (paprika, garlic, cayenne)
Churros             Fried pastry dough dusted with sugar & cinnamon
Cilantro             Herb from coriander leaves
Cochinita           Yucatan BBQ pork
Crema               Mexican variation of crème fraiche
Empanadas       Fried turnover made with masa
Enchiladas        Corn tortilla dish filled, rolled & covered with sauce
Epazote            Common Yucatan herbs, bitter with hints of lemon
Flan                  Baked custard with vanilla & caramel flavors
Flautas             Stuffed, fried tubular shaped taco
Frito                  Fried
Jicama              Crip, sweet root vegetable
Masa                Dough made with flour & water
Mole                 Rich sauce (almonds, dry fruit, chiles, chocolate, herbs)
Pibil                  Yucatan style BBQ with achiote paste
Pico de gallo     Salsa made from jalapeno, garlic, onion, tomatoes, lime
Pipian               Pumpkin seed sauce, red or green
Queso Flameado           Baked cheese with chiles
Tamales            Stuffed masa dough wrapped & steamed in corn husks
Tomatillo           Small, tart fruit used in sauces & salsas
Tinga                Browned shredded chicken, chipotles & tomatoes

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