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La Paz is bathed by the Sea of Cortés, with a name that signifies its historical beginiings and surrounds this city of unparalleled charm, delivering magical sunsets day after day to the area's 200,000 inhabitants..

In 1535 Hernan Cortés first arrived at what is now La Paz, naming it Villa de la Santa Cruz. Cortés made several attempts to conquer the Peninsula, but after many years of effort the expeditions failed due to lack of food and water not to mention frequent attacks by the natives. California always resisted being conquered by force. Only the missionaries were successful by means of their spiritual force to tame this land, as well as those who came to work it.

The surrounding waters of La Paz were first named the Berméjo Sea, due to their many moods filled with intense colors ranging from azure blue to blood red. La Paz received its present name from Sebastian Vizcaino, who established his base there in 1596 during one of his many exploratory expeditions. It was during these daring adventures that Vizcaino realized the economic importance of California's lands and seas.

Throughout its history, La Paz has endured numerous conquerors, pirates, missionaries and entrepreneurs, creating a flowery past full of risk, daring and lore.  Some of the more noteworthy references to La Paz came from John Steinbeck's novel The Pearl (1947) and his travelogue The Log from the Sea of Cortez (1951).

Turning to more recent events, reputed Tijuana drug kingpin Teodoro "El Teo" Garcia Simental was arrested January 12, 2010 in LaPaz. Somebody might be collecting the more than $2 million reward.

Officials say Mr. Garcia Simental was arrested in La Paz in the southern part of the peninsula. He is the second alleged major drug lord to be taken down in less than a month by President Felipe Calderon's government.



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