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San Jose del Cabo



The mission San Jose del Cabo Anuiti was established in 1730 by father Nicolas Tamaral as part of the Jesuit colonization of the peninsula of Baja California. This historic town has plenty of charm for a city that has grown so much over the last 15 years.
San Jose was just another small Baja riverside village until Cabo San Lucas exploded in the 1980's. Located directly between the new airport and the tip of the Peninsula, it was inevitable that San Jose Del Cabo would tag onto Cabo's shirt tails. Despite the significant growth on the Cape, this beautiful town has maintained much of its original charm. The twin- towered church, built in 1932, was placed on the traditional location on the newly renovated plaza where the Mission of San Jose stood for many years. All of the services a Baja traveler needs can be found in and around San Jose Del Cabo.

San Jose is sometimes discovered by visitors headed for Cabo San Lucas. A drive or walk through the town's narrow streets is usually enough to convince most that they have stumbled upon a 'secret' destination very different from Cabo, offering a much more relaxed pace. You do need to be careful while walking on the side walks, because many of them are uneven with pieces missing. This just adds to the local charm. The people here are very friendly, the streets are squeaky clean, and much of what made San Jose Del Cabo a jewel of a town 100 years ago still exists today. Most normal people prefer the slow, family friendly, more relaxed pace of San Jose.

Plaza Mijares, recently renovated, is the focal point of the town and site for many of the community's festive events. During the Mexican American War (1846-48), marines from the U.S. frigate Portsmouth briefly occupied the city. A bloody siege ensued and the Mexicans prevailed under the leadership of Mexican Naval officer Jose Antonio Mijares. Plaza Mijares, San Jose's town Plaza is named after Mijares to commemorate this victory. On Saturday evenings this is the place to observe many of San Jose's residents with their children, enjoying the events held on the plaza. On Sunday mornings you can attend mass and see all the children that attend the special children's mass.

San Jose is gaining in popularity as a reasonable, quaint dinner destination with the growing number of fine restaurants that can be found. Click here for our restaurant suggestions.

If you go on a Thursday evening be sure to early and allow time to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Art District to experience the many fine galleries and examples of local artistic talents.




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