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"Welcome to the Hotel's a lovely place..." Those familiar lyrics from the Eagle's song of the same name have absolutely no connection with Todos Santos, which is where this quaint, renovated hotel is essentially the centerpiece and main attraction of this sleepy little west coast surfing village. Sorry to disappoint you, but it's true. The Hotel California is the iconic symbol of Todos Santos, opened originally in 1950 with 16 rooms and the only place on the Baja west coast where you could actually get a cold beer. One innovative owner/entrepreneur brought ice all the way from La Paz. Hotel California, Todos Santos


The 60's through the 90's were a bit of a blur at the Hotel California as well as Todos Santos. We're sure it had little to do with the plentiful "carillos" rolled from marijuana that grew prominently in the area. Known as a surf hideaway and art haven, Todos Santos was unspoiled and much like Cabo was 20 years ago. In 2001, new owners implemented a major renovation to the Hotel California and today the hotel features 11 unique suites and a new restaurant, La Coronela.

In the 1800's this fertile land and abundant water supply produced some major agricultural successes. In 1850 there were 8 thriving sugar mills which were the growth and development engine for this region. Today, we see that Todos Santos has become the centerpiece for annual Film and Music Festivals, searching for the Hotel California.

To get there you will most likely need to have a car and drive on highway 19 carefully for at least an hour out of Cabo San Lucas. Along the way, feel free to stop in Cerritos to test the Pacific surfing conditions.


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