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Airport transportation is a little tricky in Cabo.

For your own security ignore offers of transportation from solicitors in the terminals. Ignore non-uniformed persons offering to assist with baggage. They are primarily interested in getting you to book a time-share presentation. Pre-arrange your transportation in advance. Once inside the terminal you can get assistance with your luggage from uniformed skycaps in the baggage claim area.

Rental car options are numerous, however comparatively expensive. Keep in mind the need to obtain additonal insurance, the risks of driving in an unfamiliar area that may not share the same rules of the road you are accustomed to, large animals roaming, parking limitations and the higher price of gas.  More tips on driving can be found under Rental Cars.

We have identified a couple of transportation options where round trip or one-way transportation can be arranged for and paid in advance. A shuttle or shared service is the best value and most cost effective. Baja Ground has a very good reputation, although perhaps not the cheapest. They make an effort to group passengers that are going to the same hotel, usually resulting in a non-stop trip. Cabo Airport shuttle may not make that same effort and therefore more stops are likely.

Also be sure to ask how luggage is handled, because the quoted fare may only cover 2 suitcases. Consequently larger items such as golf bags may cost extra and even be transported separately. See web sites below for reservation information and actual fares. Typically these range between $26-$37 per person round trip for a shared van, depending on your destination.

Regargless of which service you use, make sure they are going to take you via the toll road. The toll is less than $3 but saves lots of time.

Baja Ground Services, Inc, (800) 352-4990- Operator-Venturas Sol

Cabo Airport Shuttle, (866) 348-6286 - Operator- TransCabo (golf bags extra)

Transportation For Less , All sorts of ground services provided, (624)146 2148, email- , ask for Francisco Magana Huaracha, General Mgr



Terminals and Airlines

Terminal 1: Domestic Flights

Concourse A
Aeroméxico (Mexico City)
Interjet (Toluca)
Mexicana (Guadalajara, Mazatlán, Mexico City)
Magnicharters (Mexico City, Monterrey)
Concourse B
Aero California (Guadalajara, Monterrey)

Terminal 2: International Flights

Concourse C
Aero California (Los Angeles)
Aeroméxico (Ontario, San Diego)
Mexicana (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento)
Concouse D
American Airlines (Chicago-O'Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, New York-JFK)
Frontier Airlines (Denver, Kansas City [begins Winter 2006])
Northwest Airlines (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
Sun Country Airlines (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
United Airlines (Chicago-O'Hare,, Houston-Intercontinental, Newark )
US Airways
US Airways operated by America West Airlines (Oakland, Phoenix, Charlotte)
US Airways Express operated by Mesa Airlines (Las Vegas, Phoenix)

Terminal 3

Alaska Airlines (Los Angeles, Portland (OR), San Diego, San Francisco ], Seattle/Tacoma)
Delta Air Lines (Atlanta, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, New York-JFK, Salt Lake City)
Delta Connection operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines (Salt Lake City)


Rental Cars

Helpful tips:
So, you are thinking about renting a car while in Cabo.  It’s a great way to get around, see the sights and give you the freedom to do things you may not normally do while in Los Cabos.  Regardless of which car company you rent from, you may be interested in some tips to help make the rental a safe and enjoyable experience.
1.  Defensive driving is a must in Mexico.  Expect the unexpected.  One time while coming to a stop at a stop light on the way to the airport, a rather large bull wandered into the road and slammed into car with his head, taking the side view mirror clean off.  While safety comes first, remember that driving too slow can be just as bad as driving too fast.
2.  Stop signs.  What they really mean is brake, slow down, but it’s more of a “rolling stop”. Optional is another way to to describe the way Mexicans behave at a stop sign.   Come to a complete stop and you’ll probably have new passengers in your back seat.
3.  When on the highway drive in the RIGHT HAND LANE ONLY.  Leave the left land for passing.  More than likely you will be passed numerous times by vehicles that appear to be in a much greater hurry than you may be at the time.
4.  Pay attention to the locals using their hazard lights.  They tend to use them for a variety of things other than what you may expect.  For example,
Construction ahead
Accident ahead
Animals on the highway
Attempting a parallel park
Just stopped on the side of the road for a siesta, etc.
5.  When a green traffic light is blinking it means that the light is going to turn yellow.  Step on it! Most likely the cars behind are doing the same so if you come to a sudden stop you are likely to be rear-ended
6.  Many of the streets in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo are now one way.  Make sure you’re going the right way on it – as there are few signs saying which way it goes – only police on the corner handing out tickets
7  Carry your documents with you and a good supply of local currency.  Each will come in handy if you get pulled over by the Policia or caught up in a routine stop. 

Most rental car companies can be found at the airport, but only Thrifty is located closest to the terminals. All other companies are located 2-3 km offsite.



Ace Rent A Car


The taxi union in the Los Cabos area is pretty strong, resulting in comparatively high fares for relatively short rides and little opportunity to negotiate. Don't look for a meter. You won't find one. Your best weapon to combat this is to get a clear idea from the hotel or timeshare transportation personnel where you are staying what the typical one-way fares in pesos are for different trips (eg, San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas). Armed with that knowledge, you are more likely to negotiate something less, before your trip begins. Pay in pesos so you don't have to be subjected to the taxi driver's own exchange rate. which is usually distorted. For example, from a hotel in the corridor area like the Westin, you can expect to pay the following to these destinations:

San Jose del Cabo - 200 pesos (approx $15)

Cabo San Lucas - 325 pesos (approx $25)

If you try to pay in dollars, don't be surprised if you are asked to pay $20 and $30 respectively

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